Check-in Bar - Saigon

Happy Hours - Cocktails - Girls

Happy hours on Heineken beer at Check in saigon and Tiger beer draught at Check in saigon draft
SPECIAL: Buy 2 get 1 free liquor bottle

Was' up @ Check-in Bar?

Check-in bar Saigon, is in Ho Chi Minh City center. Welcome to Saigon’s pinnacle of cocktails and girls. Don’t miss out while visiting Ho Chi Minh, come and get entertain by our beautiful and more than friendly staff. Not a moment wasted here: we’ll make your evening unforgettable – did I mentioned that we offer decently-priced liquors and beers?

Our bar offers

All you can drink tiger beer happy hours from 5 to 8PM at Check in bar Saigon

All you can drink Tiger draft (draught?) from 5 to 8PM

120.000 Vnd only

Buy one get one free Heineken draft beer or liquors

Buy one get one free Heineken draft or any booze

From 5 to 9PM

Choice of cocktails at Check-in bar Saigon

Cocktails by our awards winning bartender

Mojito, B52, Long Island ice-tea, Pina Colada, etc.

Open everyday – 5PM to 3AM

Let's get the party started!